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Welcome to East Ardsley Radio Society

East Ardsley Radio Society is a modern, forward thinking club for enthusiastic radio amateurs.
Our aim is to provide a welcoming club that caters for everyone, regardless of ability or interests.

We meet twice a week, firstly on Wednesday evening and our main meet is on Friday evening both from 7pm.

Whatever your interest, whether you are new to the idea of Amateur Radio or well acquainted with the hobby, you will be made welcome with us and will have many opportunities to learn new skills as well as hopefully share yours!
If operating is your preference, you have access to various radios for multiple bands and modes. Likewise, if socialising is more your thing, we have great facilities for drinks and social spaces.

All are welcome to visit. Pop in for a cuppa or maybe a cheeky pint from the EAUCC bar!

We look forward to you coming to take a look and have a cuppa and a chat.

All club news updates will be on our News page.