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Founded during the pandemic of 2020, East Ardsley Radio Society is a modern, forward thinking club for enthusiastic radio amateurs.
Whatever your interest, you will be made welcome with us and will have many opportunities to learn new skills as well as hopefully share yours!
If operating is your preference, you have access to various radios for multiple bands and modes. Likewise, if socialising is more your thing, we have great facilities for drinks and social spaces.

We are operating from East Ardsley Cricket Club, just off M1, Jn41, a great location with fantastic takeoff, views and facilities.

All are welcome to visit. Pop in for a cuppa or maybe a cheeky pint from the EAUCC bar!

We recognise that NWRC was a long established club at this location and its history is important to us at East Ardsley Radio Society.
Because of that, we have offered to keep the G4NOK call-sign alive along side our own club call-sign G3EAR.

East Ardsley Radio Club is a brand new club with no relation to NWRC.