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Fred G4CNX

We on behalf of the East Ardsley Radio Society, would like to thank Julia and the family of Fred G4CNX for the kind donation of radio equipment.


Fred sadly passed away in June 2022.

Antenna maintenance day

On Sunday October 2nd we spent a full day at the club. first job was to place the antenna for GB7WY up on the back tower and run a length of LDF-450 into the shack. then it was onto the other tower to sort out our HF antennas, first the cobweb and Prosistel trapped rotary dipole came down and the hexbeam went up! we still have the hexbeam 40m add-on kit to put on but that will be for another day…


On behalf of the committee, I’d like to thank everyone that came up and helped throughout the day. also, a big thank you to Nigel M0NJW who kindly donated the Hexbeam antenna.

GB7WY Update

We are pleased to announce that our D-Star Repeater GB7WY is now on the air!

It is currently working in local only mode while we wait for our internet connection being setup, but hopefully within a couple of weeks it will be working just like any other D-Star repeater. we will update this as soon as the internet is on. Note GB7WY is licenced for dstar mode only.

Repeater output is on 439.5125, input on 430.5125


A big thank you to Ernie G4LUE & Chris G0URG for all your help


Coming soon at E.A.R.S

GB7WY Dstar repeater on 70cm. More info later 👍

GB2RS News broadcast

Just a quick FYI.

The GB2RS news broadcast (10th July 22) incorrectly stated the we are not open on Friday because our meeting room is unavailable. this information is incorrect and was NOT submitted by E.A.R.S the space we use at East ardsley cricket club is exclusively used by us and is available to the club 24/7 , generally we only close over christmas and new year.

We are open as usual this week and every week.


Opening hours

We’ve updated our opening hours to the following:-

Wednesday 6:30pm until 8pm and Friday 7pm until 9pm

Our main club night is Friday as this is when most members attend.